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Meet Our Principal

Principal David Silveira

David was born and raised in Manteca and is a proud product of MUSD. He attended Nile Garden Elementary School and graduated from Manteca High School in 1988. HE considered becoming a landscaper and was even offered a position as an elephant keeper at a zoo, but ultimately decided to pursue becoming an educator.

David graduated from California State University, Stanislaus with a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Geography in 1992 and obtained his Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Chapman University. He later earned a Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate and once again enrolled at Stanislaus to complete his Administrative Services Credential.

After his student teaching placement in Salida, David returned to his roots with his first placement at Nile Garden Elementary. He has remained in MUSD since then with teaching and Program Coordinator positions at both August Knodt and Great Valley. He served as the Principal of Lathrop Elementary for 14 years before moving to Brock Elliott. David’s goals for Brock Elliott are to increase whole school community involvement in all facets of student learning, maintain campus and community safety, and ensure that everyone’s diverse needs are met.

A rubik's cube turned out of alignment

David’s educational philosophy is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. Each colored square on the cube represents individual students, each side groups of students, and all together it represents the school’s diverse population of learners. These learners all have different needs and different measures of success. Just as you never give up on solving the puzzle, you never give up on supporting students.

David is married with two grown sons, has been a foster parent, and lives each day to the fullest. He loves traveling, gardening, home projects, and watching a good series/movie. He has served as the Chair for Give Every Child a Chance, President of the FESM (Festa do Espirito Santo de Manteca) and participated in several MUSD committees.

Let's keep "Turning the Cube!" until we have completed all sides for all students! We are in this together and I, as well as our CHAMPion team, are here for their success and their future!